Tank Terrorizer

by HavoK
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Grumpy Bomb destroys all shields when it explodes.
Grumpy Bomb
Countdown IV
Reduce the cooldown of Grumpy Bomb by 4s.
Grumpy Bomb
Jolt III
Poppy Bomb has 30% increased Knockback against enemies and explodes on contact with any surface.
Poppy Bomb
Backdraft II
Reduce the cooldown of Poppy Bomb by .2s for every Sticky Bomb detonated.
Doomsday II
Activating Grumpy Bomb heals you for 100.
Grumpy Bomb
King's Court I
Heal for 15 for every Sticky Bomb Detonated


Being Bomb King is all about being a Bully. You throw down those Grumpies and Poppies to impose your will on your opponents, by denying objectives or slaying them in a very savage way, i.e. off the cliff, peasant.

This deck offers a good mix of area denial through Grumpy Bomb, Mobility through Poppy Bomb and a bit of savagery through Jolt and our Legendary Card.

Legendary Card- Demolition- Is there a Tank on the enemy team? Let's piss him off by applying constant pressure. Run Torvald, Run.


  • Countdown IV- Time's ticking. On no, no, boy, It's not a stealthy girl trying to kill you this time, It is the royal decree of your King. Anyone who plays the game acknowledges the fact that Grumpy Bomb is definitely the strongest and constant tool of Area Denial. You can spam those angry little boys, and punish tanks and groups of enemies, because why not ?


  • Doomsday II- A good king takes care of his well being on priority. We will punish the peasants that dare to defy us, But what's better than healing up on the go by laying out Grumpy Bombs and annoying the tanks.


  • Jolt III- The King also need to figure out a way that can send the enemies flying into the abyss. Luckily, I have the solution for you in Jolt. Fighting with a flanker and don't know how to get the upper hand in a savage way, point at the attacker's feet and press F, simple, The generous gift from a King, a ticket to fly over the moon, above the lush green meadows and straight into the abyss. See ya, I guess ?


  • Backdraft II- The King loves flying around using his poppy bombs. So, what is better than punishing the enemy infantry and arranging for your mode of transport at the same damn time. Stick, Detonate, Fly, Stick, Detonate, Fly- Simple, right ? And you thought Life of a King is complicated, now you know.


  • King's Court I- Slaying someone gives emmense pride to the King. Not only because it feeds his enormous ego, but also because it heals him. After all, he can't run all the way to the royal medics in middle of a fight. Feeling low ? You can recover a little each time your do your job, i.e. hurt enemies, sounds like a plan ?

Deck PlayStyle- Throw a grumpy, spam some sticky bombs. A good Bomb King is the one with a good aim. You can either be sneaky and land some flanks, or supportive and help clear objective area at all times. I recommend you to constantly pressure the point using Grumpy Bomb at all times. If you're low on HP, just get away using a poppy bomb, don't get too cocky, ya dig ?

Item Recommendations-

Defense Items- Haven or Blast Shields depending on what type of damage the majority of enemy team deals.

Utility Items- Morale Boost is the only card that I recommend in this category, and only when the enemy team tends to stick together at all times.

Healing Items- Life Rip , or Rejuvenate if your team has strong healers like Ying and you adopt supportive and objective focused Playstyle.

Offense Items- Wrecker is a great choice against multiple tank based compositions, highly recommended while facing Ruckus or Torvald. Cauterize is the other great choice. Deft Hands is not recommended considering general scenarios.

This is it for this Deck Guide, Do not hesistate to give feedback about this deck on the Discord Server, If you wanna message me personally, Details are in my profile info.

Until next time, folks,