Rewards for "Best Written Guides" are here!

We already silently started in january to reward the "Best Written Guide" of the month and now decided to make this public. The deck guide will be hand-picked internally and will be rewarded with a 200 crystal code.

As a difference to the Deck of the Month you'll be able to be picked consistently without the 3 month cooldown.

Best written guide 02/2017 goes to warriorman222 for his deck Self-Sustaining CC God.

DotM 02/2017 part 2 goes to: Ravebug

Due to the start of season 1 we will have 2 decks of the month in february! The second DotM award goes to Ravebug and his deck My Skye build! Congratulations to 400 crystals!

Reminder: stop cheating on the vote system. I'm double checking every votes when drawing a winner.