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Turrets now cannot miss, deal 20% more damage, and have a 3s faster Cooldown.
Combat Repair I
Standing near your Turret heals it for 100 Health every second.
Field Deploy IV
Reduce the Deploy Time of your Turret by 2.8s.
Forged Alloy III
Increase the Health of your Turret by 525.
Healing Station III
Standing near your Turret heals you for 135 Health per second.
Bowling Ball I
Gain a Shield with 300 Health during Rocket Boots and for 4s after.
Rocket Boots


As a front-line, your aim is to push the objectives. In this guide, I will show you how I prepare my Barik. Whenever I use this cards, I got higher chance of winning (It also depends on your team cooperation)

Legendary Cards:
•Architectonics ◦ Choose this as your turrets cannot miss a damage. Well, that is very reliable especially killing Flankers.

Load-out Cards:
•Combat Repair I ◦ This is very useful as your turrets heals itself at the same time yours as well in "Healing Station III" card.
•Field Deploy IV ◦ As the subject says. "SPAM TURRET" (The deploy time will reduce combined with CHRONOS III)
•Forged Alloy III ◦ No need to max it out because you are going to spam a lots of turret every time you are in position.
•Healing Station III ◦ This is the main to be included in your card list. If there are no support, just run and deploy your turret until you got enough HP before going on war.
•Bowling Ball I ◦ This is when you got 10-20% health and wants to avoid being killed.

Now for the strategy:
1. ITEMS TO BUY: CHRONOS III (spam that turret!), WRECKER I(depends if they have front-liners, If not, no need to buy this), HAVEN III (Situational if they hit you hard)
2. PUSH THE PAYLOAD: (EARLY GAME) Place one turret in left side of the point control, other one in right side. Shield one of your turret and stick to it. Do this alternately. (PUSHING THE PAYLOAD) Deploy your turret on top of the payload or in front of it and put shield at the middle.
3.NEW: ONSLAUGHT: If you are in SNOWFALL JUNCTION MAP, Hide in the box and place both turret and shield on it. When you are below health, use Rocket Boots to avoid being killed and comeback once you got enough HP to fight on. Note that this strategy works if they haven't notice you.
4.KEYS TO WINNING: FOCUS on your objective, spamming your turret, having high HP, avoiding battle when you are in disadvantage, trust your teammates.

I hope this helps and choose Front-liners as your main. (Because lots of player are BS using Damage/Flankers)

Add me in-game: BrianKwon (case sensitive)