No one escapes the aimbot of LAW! v2 W/Guide

by Guimpur23
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Death Hastens
Your weapon shots deal 30% more damage to targets over 65% Health.
Compel IV
Reduce the Cooldown of In Pursuit by 4.
In Pursuit
Requip III
Regain 3 ammo after using combat slide.
Combat Slide
Commencement I
Increase the distance of Combat Slide by 20%.
Combat Slide
Conditioned I
Gain 5% movement speed.
Fortitude III
Every shot hit with In Pursuit heals you for 75 Health.
In Pursuit


Hello Realm! Since my deck is getting a good amount of views, I decided to write why I chose these cards.

Death Hastens - This legendary card is extremely good! This card helps you to get more kills with your ultimate by INCREASING your damage, which allows you to SHRED tanks so much quicker, and any other Champion in the game as well.

Compel IV - In Pursuit is such a good ability because it allows you to finish a duel against an enemy Champion, which ensures an elimination. Also, this card synergizes with the next card.

Fortitude III - I chose this card because it heals you by 450HP during In Pursuit, which will help you in a 1v1 duels, or any other time you want to use.

Requip III - I chose this card because it increases your lethality by granting you 3 extra bullets, just like Androxus when he is utilizing Sleight of Hand I, and anyone who plays Androxus knows that Sleight of Hand I makes a massive difference to ensure an elimination (you can decrease the level of this card by 1 level and give it to Fortitude, which will heal for 600HP)

Commencement I - This card increases the distance of Combat Slide by 20%, which grants you an easier disengage of a battle or just to make harder to an enemy to hit you.

Conditioned I - Just to make you more movable in the game. 


Items to buy:

Defense - Haven to enhance your survivability during duels.

Utility - Chronos to allow you to utilize your abilities quicker.

Healing - Life Steal is good against tank Champions because of their high health pools so you can heal more compared to low health pool Champions / Kill to Heal to enhance your survivability after duels. (good against low health pool Champions)

Attack - Cauterize to help you to kill enemies easier when they are getting pocketed by their support(s)

Hope you guys enjoyed the deck and the guide! See you in the Realm, Champions!