Neverending Totem - 100% uptime

by flyklm
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Totemic Ward
Allies healed by Healing Totem receive CC Immunity for 2s and Healing Totem heals for 20% more.
Healing Totem
Crackle IV
Increase the Duration of Healing Totem by 4s.
Healing Totem
Gale IV
Ghost Walk lowers the cooldown of Healing totem by 4s when Activated.
Ghost Walk
Haunting II
Reduces the cooldown of Ghost Walk by 2s.
Ghost Walk
Healing Rain I
Allies inside your Healing Totem are healed for 1% of their maximum Health per second.
Healing Totem
Outreach I
Increase the area of Healing Totem by 10%.
Healing Totem


1) cast chain lightning
2) summon healing totem
3) immediatelly use ghost walk, then:
a) cancel ghost walk right away with mouse 1 (for perfect 10 sec cooldown sync)
b) stay ghost if badly hurt or targeted by high burst
4) strafe and bodyblock damage to protect totem, do whatever
5) repeat until everybody dies

If you do it properly you will be able to cast totem within a second after it expires. Optionally you can grab Chronos burn card to achieve 100% uptime.

First three cards are essential to this build, others are optional. Healing Rain I grants minor healing boost useful for tanks, not so much for squishies. I forgo ghost walk cards, since I cancel it most of the time.

PRO's: healing 24/7, great solo survivability even against flankers.

CON's: totem's vulnerability to blast damage (tricky to bodyblock), less CC compared to Maelstrom builds.