Mega Potion Pip: Backline Peeler/Solo Healer

by warriorman222
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Mega Potion
Healing potion heals for twice as much, but has double the cooldown.
Healing Potion
Reload IV
Instantly reduce Healing Potions Cooldown by 2s for each target hit.
Healing Potion
Side Tanks III
Reduce the Cooldown of Explosive Flask by 1.5s.
Explosive Flask
Acumen II
Gain 20% Lifesteal against enemies slowed by Explosive Flask.
Explosive Flask
Smithereens II
Generate 2 ammo when Explosive Flask hits an enemy.
Explosive Flask
Gift Giver I
You gain 30% of Healing Potion’s effect if you hit a teammate but not yourself.
Healing Potion


NOTE: Cards are ordered (And usually distributed) in order of necessity. Any Healing Pip needs Mega Potion, Reload IV and as much Chronos as they can spare. Side Tanks III is simply a staple on Pip but in no way necessary. All else is optional.


Hello. This is a guide based on Pip, The Fire Thief. This will show you how to maximize Pip's healing capacity to make him mathematically the best healer in the game beyond 1 person. In practice, Pip will not heal as much as shown below, but he will still outheal anyone in a grouped up team.


This guide will be divided into 5 sections: DECK, ITEMS, MATH, BUGS and CONCLUSION(lol). Scroll until you find the title that you need. If nothing else, look at the MATH and BUGS section because the rest is up to you.






Primary Deck Objective(What is necessary): To maximize the uptime off Pip's utility. Therefore, Reload IV and desired points in  Side Tanks I are staple. Mega Potion is all but mandatory for this playstyle.

Secondary Deck Objective(What is optional, your choice): To ensure Pip and his allies survive long enough to make use of his utility. Acumen II exists in my deck for this reason; Pip will gain some necessary sustain because he will rarely heal himself. Smithereens II grants him extra, well-desired ammunition.


Core Cards



Mega Potion: Doubled Healing, end of story. Doubled healing. Jesus Christ. 2400 health in an area with a single click. Why do people never buy Cauterize on him? I dunno.


Reload IV: See MATH section for more info, but this basically turns you into a godlike healer. As a result of how this card reduces cooldown, You should always get Chronos if you have no items to counterpick.


Side Tanks III: Again, we are maximizing Pip's utility. Plus, think of it this way: Each bodyshot grants 3% ult, but landing a bodyshot on a slowed enemy grants 5%. That's a ~67% increase. By getting Chronos and this card, you increase your ult charge rate and turn your enemies into potatoes that are easy to hit.


Other Cards


Acumen II: A decent level of sustain that makes it a little more likely for you to survive a fight with flankers. How useful it ends up in practice is something I'll need to take a better look at.


Smithereens II: Very useful. Grants you an extra 2 seconds of fire every 4 or so. A simple tactic of firing 2 shots, firing the Flask, firing the remainder of your clip and firing another flask grants you 9-10 bullets.


Gift Giver I: I do not know whether or not the self-healing from Gift Giver I is doubled by Mega Potion. If it is, have this in every Mega Potion build. If not, don't even bother.


Optional Cards



Sturdy I: I have no idea if there is even knockback while you're grounded. It can, however, slow down your Weightless if you're being pushed back mid-jump. Hardly matters, but isn't negative.


Graviton I: This does give you a larger opportunity to take advantage of Explosive Flask's increased ult charge. However, half a second is not enough. This is best used on a Catalyst Pip, where the lack of Reload IV opens up more points to be allocated to this.


Medicinal Excellence I: If you pick this, try and keep it consistent throughout your builds(Or else have 1 build with it for solo q). It will be good to learn the range of your potion, and this can work for you or against you depending on how well you are at remembering it.


From Above I, Refreshing Job I: Best used on Acrobatics Pip... Except Acrobatics sucks. SO has no real use.


Sprint I: Slightly useful flex card. Makes Weightless a little bit more effective at what it does. Why not?


Pep In The Step I: It can work, but will require dedicated points into it. Your choice.


Escape Artist I: No. Never. Don't even think about it. This may be the single worst card in the game. Who thought that giving cards disadvantages was a good idea? Besides, even if it had no disadvantage, it'd simply not be very effective in practice, unless it was 25% per level or something, which would be game-breaking for obvious reasons.


The rest: Not very good, and also not worth mentioning. Most of them are useless things like 5% shorter reload (It's a second and a half every 6... lol.)









Haven: Take as needed. Nothing needs to be said.


Blast Shields: Almost every blast damage dealer counters you in one way or another. Drogoz is hard to hit, Bomb King deals way too much damage, and Evie cannot beat you but will waste so much o your time that your team will lack a healer. Besides, Fusilade Drogoz 2-shots you without Blast Shields. Take is there is a distinct lack of deadly crowd control.


Resilience: Very good at what it does. t's cheap, effective with 2 levels, and if you can spare 600cr, getting 2 levels of this will save you from Grumpy Bombs, Hyper Beams and other life-ending crowd controls,].


Illuminate: Considering Skye appears behind you, who cares vs. her? Considering Sha'lin is a sniper, it won't work. And nobody cares enough about Seris's escape to actually track her, considering she's invincible regardless.


Overall: Resilience is the best Defense item in the game. Take it whenever it's needed and get 2 levels on it. It will save you. If they have more than 1 blast damage dps, however, get Blast Shields.





Chronos: The lord and saviour of all healers. Rush this unless a healer demands Cauterize, and you should have at least 2 levels of it most games (unless you 4-0 or 0-4).


Nimble: It doesn't stack with other speed buffs. Besides, it's 30%. Not worth losing Chronos.


Master Riding: Again, not worth losing Chronos. it's good at what it does but Pip needs Chronos because of how Reload IV functions.


Morale Boost: I find people running Morale Boost on Pip. Don't do it. Pip's ult is very precious, because it can win entire fights with the press of a button. You will want at least 1 DPS or 2 teammates with you. You will want to target at least 2 key targets (Tank, Healing Support, maybe a skilled DPS), or 3 targets. And you will want an environmental advantage so the enemy cannot easily run away. DO this, and you'll be holding on to your ult, but it will be worth it. As such, Morale Boost becomes almost useless, because the situations where you don't have ult but want to pop it will inevitably charge your ult faster than usual.


Overall: Chronos all day, every day. Get it, and get at least 2 levels.





Life Rip vs. Kill To Heal: Pip deals what I'll call poke damage, whch is damage that is easy to land but not as meaningful in the long run. It will, however, keep healers busy, and Ying and Mal'Damba are great at healing off poke. Pip however, cannot. His burst heal goes to waste if used to heal a scratch, but he is dealing many, many scratches but not getting kills except almost all at once (Evil Mojo). Therefore, Life Rip will grant him immediate healing on the spot that will carry him through long, drawn-out combat.


Veteran and Rejuvenate:Veteran is underpowered. Rejuvenate is useless when you;re the only healer because it doesn't affect yourself.


Overall: Life Rip. Nice addition to keep you healthy while you use potion on your teammates.




The entire offense section is full of situational items that are not always useful. Therefore, they will be judged based on how useful they are on a gravity-based projectile that deals up to 600 damage in a small area, once per second:


Wrecker: Your DPS is bad. Being "easy to hit" no longer matters when you're trying to break a giant shield, and not kill a tiny individual. If there's a million shields, it will help, but it's not ideal.


Cauterize: This one is good. You splash Cauterize in an area and your shots rarely miss. It is nearly impossible to avoid being cauterized by Pip, despite his awful fire rate.


Bulldozer: With 1 point in this, you will 1-shot Barik Turrets and Grohk's Totem. 2 points, everything except Inara's Impasse dies. But honestly, it's not worth it, maybe not even against Inara. The stuff already gets hurt enough by your AoE, but it can work if there are no shields, I guess.


Deft Hands: You reload for 1.5 seconds after 5 seconds. You don't really need it and the degree to which is helps is very-much placebo except if you're Buck or Mal'damba.


Overall: Cauterize works very well on Pip. The rest is average at best, but when the time comes and you need to counterpick, you'll still have to.







Healing Potion



Cardless & Chronos


Mega Potion Pip, without cards other than Chronos III, heals for 2400 HP every 5.6 seconds, or roughly 428 sustained HPS per person. Ying averages 700 for 1 person, or 490 for 2. Grohk averages 420HP*6 seconds/10.5 seconds= 240 average. Grover heals 119+80=199(ew.) I cannot calculate Mal'damba but in the long run, it's pretty good.


Just off that, Pip isn't doing too badly. However, this is assuming you hit 2400 every time. You don't. Especially not in Solo Q, where you're lucky to get a tank and where others need healing as well. Therefore, it can end up much, much lower.


Reload IV and Chronos


This is where it starts getting good.


Reload IV reduces the cooldown by 2 seconds per person hit, AFTER Chronos has applied. This means you'll only need 3 people to get healing in order to instantly put it off cooldown. Because Reload has a 5 second internal cooldown, it will come off it's cooldown in time for the next potion if you use another. Therefore, we measure sustained healing a little differently, including both heals, and dividing that by the second 5.6 cooldown along with the reduced 1st cooldown:


1 Person: 2400(2)/5.6+(5.6-2)= 521 Sustained HPS for 1 dude. Not bad, but we can do better.

2 People: 2400(2)/5.6+(5.6-4)= 666 Sustained HPS for 2 people. Boy, that's better than... Literally everyone. And it's a burst heal. Man.

3+ People: 2400(2)/5.6 = 857 Sustained HPS for 3 or more people. Jesus Christ. My god. Why.


Again, this is assuming no overflow in healing, and it's assuming your solo Q allies actually group up. That's not happening. So all these numbers are probably cut in half, which is still amazing for a burst heal that applies instantly.


Go ahead and try it; you'll probably do more healing than damage. Just throw your potion when any tank goes below half or when any damage dealer gets below 20-30% and you should probably get them back up near full.






There are a plethora of bugs revolving around Reload IV. Keep in mind:


- If you heal enough people to completely refresh the cooldown during Reload’s internal cooldown, the picture will reset. This is purely graphical.

- If you spam Q and heal too quickly, Pip’s potion may lock out until you use another ability(sometimes) or die.

- Alternatively, you start spamming placebo potions for like 30 seconds straight and your team gets wiped because no heals.

- Pip’s heal randomly fails to detonate midair especially early on. A Fernando died in front of my eyes for this as I spammed Q and nothing happened to him, instantly before he gets ganked by Maeve who 1v1s me because why not.

- Not a bug, but Pip’s heal will detonate on full HP allies, and can be activated by people slightly behind him.

- Again not a bug, but for some stupid reason the Healing potion is a circle

- LMB shots randomly fail to register if you fire them while the barrel is too close to a ledge. It isn’t exploding on contact because when it does randomly succeed it will fly past the ledge.


Hi-Rez, pls fix. Seriously though, some of these are game-breaking and can and will cost you games. Having no heal for 20-30 seconds is ridiculous, above all else please just fix that.






I hope you guys enjoyed this small deck guide on how to heal as Pip! Many people play Pip as a flanker, and I simply think Buck is more suited for that with more mediums to deal damage, more health and more freely usable mobility. However, nobody heals the way Pip does, and in a deathball he is simply unmatched.


I wish you all a nice day, and good luck in the Realm!