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Artful Dodger
Activating Nine Lives cleanses all Crowd Control and Damage over Time effects and heals for 500.
Nine Lives
Shred IV
Reduce the Cooldown of Pounce by 2s.
Savagery IV
Pounce heals you for 280 Health on a successful hit.
Chase I
Increase the speed bonus of Prowl by 10%.
Predation I
Gain 10% increased Movement Speed when out of combat.
Patch Up II
Nine Lives now heals for 160.
Nine Lives


[OB45 Update: The Nerf Nuke]

  • Nine Lives
    • No longer heals Maeve by default.
  • Pounce
    • Reduced damage from 600 to 500.
    • Range reduced from 70 to 50.
    • Fixed an issue with Maeve able to cast twice.
  • Prowl
    • Reduced Movement Speed from 80 to 65%.
    • Increased Cooldown from 9 to 12s.

Source: https://www.reddit.com/r/Paladins/comments/5xcsaq/ob45_patch_notes_and_megathread/?st=j0q4p587&sh=099703a2


Apparently, they dropped a nerf nuke onto this pinky. Every single one of her skill except her daggers (LMB) got nerfed and that made my initial Type-M build is no longer available to use because it's gonna make her really, really easy to kill since it doesn't have any sustain aside from Savagery IV which is kinda unreliable.

So, i need to make some adjustment due to this changes; swapping Rogue's Gambit with Artful Dodger, and Scamper II with Patch Up II. Actually the problem can be solved simply by swapping the legendary but whatevs, i need healing.


  • Shred IV: this card makes Pounce cooldown become 8 seconds. Why would you wait for 10 seconds if you can get 8 instead? A lot of people think that it's not necessary to use Shred anymore because most likely we'll just reset Pounce cooldown anyway with Nine Lives, but i disagree because i kinda threat Nine Lives like Ice Block. I only use it when i really need to use it.
  • Savagery IV: Maeve has low health pool and most likely be the one who's gonna fight the enemy dead on. This is what we need to survive a tight situation. It's always good to deal damage and get healed at the same time. But remember, Savagery only heals when we hit an enemy.
  • Patch Up II: adding 100 more heal to Artful Dodger's heal. Since OB44 went live, everyone seems to be able to deal crazy tons of damage. So i decided to increase her healing capability a bit.
  • Chase I: this is my preference. If you wanna get the OB44 Prowl speed back, you can commit 2 points on this card.
  • Predation I: free Nimble 1 anytime we're out of combat.

For item pickups, Chronos is an obvious purchase. It helps us a lot reducing Nine Lives long cooldown. And Prowl.

Healing item choices are between Veteran or Kill to Heal. The reason why i took Veteran into consideration was because in OB43, its cost is reduced. So it'll only need 1200 credit to fully upgraded it. And a champ like Maeve, engaging and disenganging combat is never a big deal. But honestly, i always buy Kill to Heal because the heal burst adds up to the heal from Nine Lives gonna help her survive dangerous situation.

Damage item, always my personal favorite, Cauterize.
For defense item, as usual, depends on what damage type is giving us hard time to deal with.

All these nerfs aren't gonna burry Maeve alive. She'll be much weaker, sure, but all we need is actually adjust the playstyle a little bit to keep up with the rest. I think these nerfs won't limit her ability to get kills. They'll just reduce how often she can get kills. I find myself have to be less aggresive when playing her now than i used to and only going in when i can surely get a kill or two instead of just... you know, sprinting straight to the backline, jumping around, and murdering people.

Although i have to say, the most painful nerf on her is the Pounce range. We can still make slight deck changes here and there to compensate with her other nerfs, but this one... we can't do anything. There is no way we can increase the Pounce range.

Couple things to keep in mind, no Rogue's gambit, no Pounce reset upon elimination so always wait for Nine Lives off cooldown everytime we want to initiate fights. Never going in without Nine Lives. Ever. Always know when to pick or run away from fights. All we need to do is being a sweeper for our team. Remember, we still have the capabilities to chase down people. Be more patience, do some poke damage first from an angle using her daggers to it's fullest potential (still no damage fall-off, so we can poke from safe distance) then dive in when the low health enemies start to backing off, secure those kills.

Do note that this build is based around my preferences. It works wonder for me, but may not for you. So i encourage you to keep finding builds that suit you better than this.

Before i end this guide, i wanna say thank you very much for every each one of you who kindly gave me an upvote for this deck (pre OB44). I'm really glad you find this deck to be useful in a certain way. I honestly never expect this deck is going to has that many upvote in such short period of time. Again, thank you so much! Good luck have fun!