Mark Your Prey

by MissedMyUlti
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Hunting Party
Hunter's Mark damage increase now also benefits allies.
Hunter's Mark
Ranger IV
Reduce the cooldown of Hunter's Mark by 4s.
Hunter's Mark
Favored Quarry III
The reveal portion of your Hunter's Mark lasts 3s longer.
Hunter's Mark
Hunting Season III
Gain 600 Health if you kill your Hunter's Mark target.
Hunter's Mark
Primal Might I
Getting an elimination reduces all active cooldowns by 10%.
Quick Release I
Gain 10% reload speed for 3s after using Nade Launcher.
Nade Launcher


Aside from lack of mobility, i find another problem when playing Tyra which is lack of sustain. I always love to build around sustainability so i can fight longer and be as much annoyance as possible. Evie has Flicker, and Kinessa has Restore to keep them alive while escaping even though they aren't close to their healers, then i keep wondering what should i do with Tyra to maintain her health in the middle of team fight without relying heavily on healers?
I do aware that Tyra should never over extending, and should never go too far from her team. Despite how massive her damage output can be, she's actually so prone. She needs healers and tanks to back her up, but still... even when we think we already stick with team, sometimes things won't go as we expected. So i came up with this build.

Ranger IV: to abuse Hunter's Mark as much as possible.
Favored Quarry III: longer duration to make sure we get the marked kill. And also to observe where our target is moving behind obstacles.
Hunting Season III: a reward for killing the prey. Nice 600 hp to restore our lossing health because of the hunt.
Primal Might I: Tyra will likely involved in most of her team's elimination so this is a nice card to have.
Quick Release I: reload speed buff to immediately reload after using the nade.

Now i'm gonna talk mostly about healing items because i know you guys already know what to consider when picking an item on each category.
We'll start with Kill to Heal. As i said earlier, she'll likely involved in most of her team elimination. Combine with Hunting Season III, it'll give a total of 900 per kill (tier 1 Kill to Heal). And even though we don't manage to kill marked target, 300 hp per elim is still nice to have. However, the downside of KtH is we need elimination to get the heal burst. We won't get any healing while fighting or facing off enemy.

As OB42 came to live, Life Rip costs the same as other healing item except Rejuvenate. That being said, we can now also opted for Life Rip if we don't feel like buying Kill to Heal. The advantage of having Life Rip is that we gain health as long as we land our bullets properly. That's why it's a great dueling tool because we can just keep fighting and gain health at the same time. But here's the downside; to feel the impact of Life Rip, we need to get it at least tier 2. And even then, the amount of heal it provides is still less than KtH. But since it's now OB44, we can get access to free Life Rip 2 by using her First Blood Card. However, this build is oriented more towards her Hunter's Mark. So we're not gonna use that one.

Rejuvenate is good. But more like situationally good because we'll need at least one reliable healer. If our team only have, say, Pip as a solo support... we might wanna opted Kill to Heal instead.

Veteran... well, i never pick this one because... who has time to be out of combat when playing Tyra?

In my opinion, best healing item to get is Kill to Heal. And i find it's quite mandatory when playing Tyra. The reason is because there will be those times i won't be able to kill marked target before Hunter's Mark runs out or perhaps i'm too caught up with the situation that i forgot to use it every time it's off cooldown. To compensate on that, KtH can act as my back up heal burst.

For the damage item, my choices are Deft Hands, Cauterize, and Wrecker. I don't know why, for some reason i like Wrecker on Tyra. I don't like it on Viktor, a champ who has closest similiarity on basic attack. Maybe because Tyra's fire rate is faster than Viktor. She's so good at melting shields. Especially if we're up against Torvald.
Cauterize also has amazing effect on her. Everyone's health will just burn in no time.
Deft Hands is my least picked damage item because i prefer how much impact Tyra can have by picking Caut or Wreck. But when i did pick it, it's not that bad.

We don't need to holding on her ult until last moment of the push or last second of capturing point or what else. It's not wise since it'll decrease her full damage potential instead. Just use it everytime it's available in team fight. We never need to worry it'll be unavailable because her ult charges up really fast. And try to combine Fire Bomb, Hunter's Mark, and Crossfire to dish out heavy damage.

With Tyra, we don't run. We can't run. Either fight to hold our ground or die. Even though we have maxed buff on her movement speed, it's still impossible to out-run other Champs with movement ability (hence Andro, Buck, Evie, Cassie, even Pip or Viktor. We can't even run from frontliners). But we can still out-maneuvering them though. Hunter's Mark is the ability that need to be abused as much as possible in order to do it and also gain the bonus health after kill so we can survive longer. Not to mention it gives her and her allies 15% bonus damage on marked target. Oh yea, don't forget to do burst fire to keep her rifle's recoil in check.

Well, that's all for now. Good luck have fun!