Flicker Danger 2.0

by MissedMyUlti
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Blink may be used a second time within 4s to return to the initial casting location
Flicker IV
Blink heals you for 300 Health.
Swift Witch III
Increase the flight speed of Soar by 15%
Killing Frost I
Kills reduce the Cooldown of Soar by 25%.
Cold Acclimation I
Your Weapon deals 25% reduced Self Damage and no longer knocks you back.
Teleport III
The range of Blink is increased by 30%.


Evie can be played in some different ways. Many said that Reprieve is so much better than her other two legendaries nowadays, but i'd argue about it. No matter which legendaries you pick on Evie, she'd be insanely Strong. And Wormhole still remain my favorite among the three.



3 main cards of this deck; Flicker, Teleport, and Swift Witch. The other 2 more like player preferences (My preferences. So do the point distributions on each card). With Wormhole in hand, we can do the infamous Evie's blinking trick that allows us to blink deep into enemy backline, pew-pew some snow flakes, then blink back to safety.


  • Flicker IV: Flicker is a must 4 points card. Combine with Wormhole, it's our only tool to deal with her extreme squishyness. I believe Flicker is a mandatory in every build we're gonna run. In this build, Ice Block becomes our last effort to stay alive. That being said, we shouldn't Ice Blocking too often in a game. If we find ourself using our last effort a lot, we might do something wrong.
  • Swift Witch III: Increased flight speed has 2 advantages on both defensive and offensive purposes. It makes her harder to get shot while airborne, and also easier to chasing down low hp target. Swift Witch can always be swapped with Great Distance if we prefer increased duration on Soar.
  • Teleport III: Teleport nerf is the most painful nerf for me. It really throws my sense of distance with her blink. 30% is really not that far, but i feel like enough distance to cover.
  • Killing Frost I: Is my filler card just so i can be more mobile with my soar after getting myself a kill.
  • Cold Acclimation I: also another filler which can also be swapped for other card like maybe Impact for cooldown reduction upon elimination, or maybe Keep Moving for extra mobility, or even Cold Blooded to reduce ice block cooldown even it's just 1 sec. But in my opinion, Cold Acclimation is always the most useful 1 point card we can have in any deck since it prevents me from beating myself up.


--Item Pickups--

For item pickups, i really like to go Cauterize first in order to break any healing factor, and kill faster. Mainly because i want to be more on offensive, i prioritize Cauterize to be maxed out in this one. It's simply best damage item we can get. Why? It cuts down ANY healing effect whether as part of the champ, from loadouts, or even from healing items (Rejuvenate, Veteran, Life Rip. Still unsure about Kill to Heal).

Wrecker is more like a situational pick. Flank job is to pick off enemy backlines, not hitting shields. But there will be some special circumstances we have to deal with. For example, if none of our teammate pick it while our team dealing with Torvald, we might opted for it instead.

The next item pickups, you guess it; situational. Read the flow of a game and find out what we need best to survive out there, which item we need to pick to make something happen. It can be Haven to reduce single targeted projectile damage, or maybe Blast Shields when we're playing against enemies with AOE projectiles. If the damage types are combination of both, figure out which Champions give us hardest time to deal with.

Take Kill to Heal, or Life Rip if we want more sustain while wrecking our opponent's face. Veteran is also a decent option because Evie can disengage combat without any problem. I won't recommend Rejuvenate though since we will spend most of our time roaming solo on the map away from supports.

My Favorite utility item on Evie is always Chronos. Reduced cooldown can make her even peskier than she has ever be. But for utility, it's more situational pick. Sometimes i also like to pick Master Riding to take more aggresive flanking route while still on my mount.



Evie is an extremely mobile champ, and yet extremely squishy aswell. She's meant to be played aggresively throughout a game, the one who'll always put a lot of pressure on enemy's backline. Although all of her kit made her feel untouchable, but you actually got to be extremely careful about cooldown management and where you're going to dive.

Don't be affraid to play dirty. Do some poke damage from awkward angle, blink on top of them, get up close and personal then nuke them out of nowhere when they're not looking at you. Evie is so annoying because in 1v1 situation, she can make enemy turns 180 degrees when she blinks towards them. With Wormhole, she can do it back-to-back. The core playstyle i use with her is to initialy blink from safe location to find an angle in the heat of team fight, then use the 4 seconds window to do stuff (finish off targets, scouting, whatever it might be) then blink back to initial location. If you can't finish off low hp target by the time that 4 seconds window runs off, you can always chase them down with Soar.

She got projectile speed buff a few patches back, so her snowflakes is a lot easier to land from distance. Still, for those who are new to play this Winter Witch and finding troubles landing those flakes, i can only give this as suggestion; try to predict where your target is going to move. Evie relies on her target walking to the snowflakes to deal damage. If you still can't land direct shots, never hesitate to go for splash damage. It's better than missing shots.

Lastly, please note that this build is based on my preferences. I don't know best way to play Evie aside from never stop roaming, i just know how to play her in some different ways. Keep trying, keep testing, keep flanking. Good luck have fun!