The Godslayer

by EchoGG
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Reversal now always fires back and does a minumum of 800 damage.
Abyss Walker III
Nether Step heals you for 120 Health.
Nether Step
Buying Time II
Reversal generates 4 Ammo.
Equivalent Exchange II
Heal for 20% of the Damage absorbed by Reversal.
Quick Draw II
Gain 10% reload speed.
Seething Hatred III
Hitting an enemy reduces the cooldown of Reversal by 1.5s.


So to my total suprise, I'm actually a pretty strong Androxus on console. I never really had a feel for it on PC but something about the controller makes it really easy to play him effectively so I figured I'd share my loadout!

  • Legendary Card: Godslayer. Now I know a lot of people prefer to use Darkstalker because of it's nether step benefits but I find more often than not that I am being focused a lot (due to flanking). I personally like to have godslayer on because if they feed my reversal then I know im at least doing 800 dmg back to them. And if its on a target I've been hitting already, they're more than likely going to die. I've found it overall beneficial to my playstyle and have gotten a lot of kills with reversal alone.
  • Abyss Walker III: Never hurts to have some heals while you run.
  • Buying Time II: I originally had this on III, but went to II because 4 shots is more than enough to counter someone while in an engagement. I put the other point into Seething Hatred III.
  • Equivalent Exchange II: This card is very handy. I tend to bait my targets into unloading on my reversal so I can heal myself as well as shoot it right back at them. It's a good pick for a survival playstyle.
  • Quick Draw II: Preference pick. I enjoy having reload time there for when I need to run Wrecker or Cauterize.
  • Seething Hatred III: I chose this because I don't miss too many shots. Even if you cross map someone for ~100 it still reduces the cooldown. Very effective utility wise for Androxus' Kit.

Well, that's my Androxus build! My playstyle is like any other flank except I like to engage the Frontliners as well. Once I feel confident that the team is wiped I go ahead and zone. As usual, loadouts and decks are not to be considered the meta and are striclty by player preference. Enjoy!