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Spring Forward IV
Increase the duration of Dimensional Link by 2.4s.
Dimensional Link
Rewind III
Swapping to the spot of a dead Illusion spawns an illusion with 75% Health.
Dimensional Link
Carry On II
Your Illusions last 2s longer.
Fracture II
Activating Shatter heals your illusions for 50% of their Maximum Health.
Mesmerism I
Increase the Range at which you can deploy Illusions by 10%.


Alright so how this build works is that it allows you to permanently keep up 2 clones in almost any situation.

What you can do is to run straight into point, into a good position where a clone should be, place ONE clone with [Q], instantly press [F] x 2.
After you have done [F] twice you want to keep running towards the point.
It's important to have: Always show player health [Enabled] in Options -> Gameplay,
as you will now be put in a safe spot away from combat,
where you have to very closely monitor the health of your clones and the health of your team while you're running.

You now have 2 clones instantly at point healing your team.

At 50% duration left on dimensional link you can make the choice to Shatter to heal them for 50% and allow them to block more damage from the enemies if they are taking fire, or to help snowball with dmg if you hear your team getting a kill or your team is full HP.

As soon as you hear the Shatter go off, or if your clones died to enemies, you need to press [F] x 3 times to put 2 more clones up in their place right after they explode.

Pay close attention to the situation when you F past the mid point, you might want to only press F 2 times and then Q to stay at the point with 2 clones instead of running the last few seconds to get there.
Here is a quick video showing how this playstyle works, pay attention to clone HP and [F] usage.

Key is to do work from a distance and relying on being very quick to analyze what's around you every time you press [F] and closely monitoring the health of your clones if they are blocking enemy damage to shatter them to get their HP up so they can keep blocking, and being active to use [F] to keep up clones even if they die 3-4 times over you can keep making new ones with Spring Forward IV and Rewind III .