My preferred Barik

by sneak310
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Forged Alloy IV
Increase Turret Health by 700.
Healing Station IV
Standing near your Turret heals you for 180 Health per Second.
Field Deploy II
Reduce the Deploy Time of your Turret by 1.4s.
Bowling Ball I
Gain Shield with 300 Health during Rocket Boots and for 4s after.
Rocket Boots
Foundation I
Increase the Duration of Barricade by 1s.


After releasing my Viktor guide I decided I wasn't going to make really long guides for a game still going through many changes during it's beta. For that reason my new guides will be much shorter.

This build relies on the turrets (is there really any other viable way?) and only provides minimal escape. For this reason, it's very crucial that you learn where to place turrets that can be shielded by teammates and yourself and in places where they are able to hit opponents easily. Crossfires are a nice way to start off on Barik turrets.

Since Turret is all important here you take Forged Alloy IV and Healing Station IV. Don't worry about getting self-heals as you should survive well enough without that. The base turret deploy time is very slow so I use Field Deploy II. Bowling Ball I is great for when you are about to die because people have a hard time hitting you during the use of Rocket Boots and this gives you just enough bonus health to get you out of a tight situation to recover. Foundation I was just the leftover card I chose because a level 1 card providing 1 second of duration for Barricade seems like the best option to me. I think this is better than cooldown because with the barricade up longer you are going to have the skill sooner anyway, assuming the barricade isn't melted really fast.. but don't worry about that so much.

For picks I usually start with Kill to Heal but for this Barik build I actually prefer Haven or Blast Shields, depending on the opponent damage type. If you find the enemy team is absolutely horrible then you can stop choosing the defensive skill and go straight for Cauterize, Veteran or Kill to Heal and Chronos. If the enemy is strong then stack more defense as necessary but if you are having trouble keeping your health up and have a lot of down time choose Veteran. Cauterize is fine to leave at level 1 the entire time in most situations but make sure to make good use of your shotgun to lower people's healing and if they have too much then stack more Cauterize. Chronos is excellent for turret spam when opponents actually kill the turret and to save you and your teammates with Barricade .

Pay close attention to the map obstacles and use them to your advantage in conjunction with Barricade. If your team sucks you will sometimes need to put a shield up between you and the people you were attacking and turn around to shoot the flank that your team just let walk by and didn't bother attacking at all. You better hope that the enemy doesn't feel brave and go through your shield to shoot you from the back.

Some scoreboard screenshots:

Some short clips: