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Rewind II
Swapping to the spot of a dead Illusion spawns an illusion with 50% Health.
Dimensional Link
Fracture II
Activating Shatter heals your illusions for 50% of their Maximum Health.
Brittle III
Reduce the cooldown of Shatter by 1.5s.
Spring Forward IV
Increase the duration of Dimensional Link by 2.4s.
Dimensional Link
Pursuit I
Illusions move 8% faster during Shatter.


Not my guide.Please read about in this Reddit post.

edit: Updated values for OB34 Hotfix 2. Crits now deal 625 instead of 1125. You deal 4250~5500 damage over the course now instead of 7250~9500. Lost about 3000~4000 damage, but still enough to kill almost anything.

You all know how to play basic Ying. Throw down Illusions for heals, send in for Shatter when enemies get too close, Dimensional Link to safety, yadda yadda.

Here's how to take Ying to the next level: 4250 AOE burst damage within seven seconds with 4 seconds of setup time, up to potentially 5500 within 9 seconds depending on your timing accuracy.

Do keep in mind at all times that even when you're doing this, your team is still relying on you for heals, so if you've already gotten your team on the point/payload and need to stay there, or during downtime between bursts or if just if it's unsafe to perform this combo, use your Illusions for healing. Use your brain. Don't spend all your time doing this. Don't waste your time trying to burst down a solo shielding Fernando (clones are stupid and won't go around him to the back) or ulting Grover, etc.

First of all, Ying has exactly one card that directly supports The Healer Lifestyle, which is Carry On: Your Illusions last 3~12 seconds longer. Therefore, decking out your loadout for healing is already a lost cause to begin with. So we're going to deck it out for Shatter.

The critical cards for this are:

Brittle 3
Spring Forward 3~4

Highly recommended cards:

Fracture (If you get Rewind 1, get Fracture 3. Rewind 2, Fracture 2. Etc.)

Situational cards:


Rewind makes it so if you swap to the location of a dead Illusion, it spawns an Illusion with 25~100% health at your original location. This is the only card Ying gets that actually changes her playstyle instead of slightly buffing her skills.

Brittle reduces the cooldown of Shatter. Rank 3 reduces it to 1.5 seconds, from 4 to 2.5. If you get Brittle 4 it is actually detrimental as Shattering while your Illusions are already attempting to Shatter simply resets their fuse timer, screwing everything up. Use caution when purchasing Chronos, as it will reduce your Shatter cooldown slightly below 2.5 seconds, so you'll actually have to pay attention to your Shattering Illusions instead of spamming RMB to Shatter ASAP.

Spring Forward increases the duration of Dimensional Link from 4 seconds to 4.6~6.4 seconds. Ranks 2-4 are recommended for the full burst.

Fracture makes Shatter heal your illusions for 25~100% of their max health. This synergizes with Rewind in that Rewind creates illusions with 25~100% max health, so try to get the ranks of Fracture and Rewind to add up to exactly 4. If you don't, that's okay, it's just recommended.

Squadron boosts your Illusions' max health by 100~400. If you don't get Rewind and Fracture combined to 4, I suggest grabbing rank 3 in this to bump your basic healing Illusions' health up to 1000, to prevent it from getting one-shot by Evie or Androxus.

Pursuit lets your clones chase down those nasty fleeing baddies. Not really recommended due to your clones spawning where they died, which should be on top of or near the enemies anyways, but can be useful when not using your all-out full-damage burst.

Efficiency reduces the cooldown of Dimensional Link so you can do this silliness more often. Good, but I recommend the other five cards before this.

Likely, some of you have already picked up on the basic strategy. If not, here it is:

Starting from the enemy side, behind them or above them greatly increases the chance that they won't focus fire down your Illusions, but don't waste all your time always trying to get into position. If you can't safely do this and they keep taking out your Illusions, stick to healing until opportunities arise. Use your head.
QQ RMB: Spins up two Illusions then sends 'em off to be suicide bombers. Running damage total: 500+625 = 1125.
After the two have Shattered, AND NOT BEFORE, Dimensional Link three times. You've gotta be quick and precise from here on out. Shattering too early will reset the fuse time on your Illusions, pressing Q to spawn an Illusion will vanish one of your Dimensional Link Illusions, and Dimensional Linking before they explode will generate no new Illusions. The first two times will warp you to where your Shatters died, creating clones at the location you began at and the first Illusion's death spot, the third one will warp you back to safety and swap the second Illusion back into the fight. Shatter. Running damage total: 1125+625+625 = 2375.
Doing the above quickly enough will explode your shatters about three seconds in to Dimensional Link. Do it again. Again, wait until they've actually Shattered to swap. Running damage total: 2375+625+625 = 3625.
If you've taken Spring Forward 4, you're about 5.5 to 6 seconds into your Link. If you have high ping, you stop here. If your timing above was excellent, you have enough time to do it ONE MORE TIME before Dimensional Link wears off. Depending on how quickly you go, you might not make the warp back to safety or you might only have one clone to Shatter with. Adding one more Illusion shatter in will up your total damage to 4250, adding two will up it to 4875.
Once Dimensional Link wears off, don't forget to use a regular Q Illusion and send it flying to cap it off. Depending on your step 4 success, adding one more Illusion will get you 4250, 4875, or 5500 total damage over the course of your Dimensional Link.
Wait 14 seconds for Dimensional Link to come off cooldown and go back to 1. Support your team while you wait.

This takes quite a bit of practice getting used to, you have to be extremely aware of what your Illusions are doing as well as your Shatter cooldown in order to get the full benefit from it.

Use Burn cards according to team and enemy composition.